Monday, April 11, 2005

Magnolia Tree versus Tulip Poplar

I received a comment this AM about my tree not being a magnolia, but a tulip poplar. I e-mailed my husband, who adores his tree and he did his own search.

According to him, "Looked up the tulip poplar, the leaves are wrong. The leaves of the tulip poplar look similar to maple leaves, whereas the leaves of the magnolia look more like those on a rhododendron (long and oval)"

It's safe to say that there are multiple varieties of the magnolia out there, but ours is an exact match of the image above!


noricum said...

I agree, your tree is a magnolia. There are a bunch of varieties of magnolia that look nothing like each other, so that may be where the confusion came from.

Tulip trees are indeed quite different. Their leaves aren't quite like maple leaves, as they have four points, and maples have an odd number of points. Flowers on the tulip tree are green and orange, and very bizarre. I've looked up the tulip tree because there's one at my bus stop, and I was wondering what it was.

Magnolias I see all over the place down here, and the ones in the botanical gardens have tags identifying them as such. ;)

Jessica said...

I didn't think it looked like a magnolia either. But this got me curious... So I did a little research too and saw that Andrea was right... there are many types of magnolia. What I commonly think of as magnolia is a southern magnolia, which has white blooms and won't bloom until later on (It's the Mississippi state tree and flower). But I did find some pictures that look like yours, so it appears that the person who left the earlier comment didn't realize there were different types (I didn't either).

Anonymous said...

I looked at this tree and didn't think it was a magnolia either. I am used to seeing the trees around here that have just the white blooming flowers on them. But I guess I was wrong.

vicki said...

yours is defiently a magnolia, tulip tree leaves are much different as you said. tell hubby he is safe, the tree is not a "imitaion"!!!

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