Monday, April 11, 2005

Magnolia tree pic found in search Posted by Hello


Marla said...

Hi Deneen-

very nice blog! thought I'd come visit... I'm impressed!

Very pretty Magnolia.... my parents have some brand new tiny ones in the yard but they will grow.

I take it you must have a new house- I'm doing the same thing... about to get married and fiancee and I have bought his grandma's house and are redoing inside and a little outside.

Please do come pay me a visit- I love visitors! Just thought I'd say hi!

vicki said...

hey deneen, very pretty magnolia, we also have one but ours is a star magnolia instead of the more popular saucer magnolias. they are so beautiful and so fragrant. i will post a pic in my blog when i can get the ones from the digital uploaded. hugs

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