Friday, April 01, 2005

Last night!

Elena's dance recital was so darn cute! The theme was Senior Prom 2018 and they danced to "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me". Her dance partner (the original one) was out with the nasty stomach virus, so she had to dance with a little boy she didn't know, but they did fine. The place was mobbed and I'm surprised how well they did considering the crowd. She was so darn excited and happy! I thought I was going to cry!

The cocoon is almost done. I can't seem to get anything done crochet-wise lately. I think I will frog the sleeves and taper them in a bit, if I have enough yarn left. Unfortunately, I recieved this from a yarn trade and only have (had) six skeins. Enough to finish, but is it enough to frog and redo the sleeves........ Note to Lori, this took a lot more to finish it than I originally thought. Six skeins is definitely needed.

Next, I must start a secret pal project and my scraf for swap. I have to order some special yarn for the swap, so she may or may not get it by the end of April. More than likely she'll get it after her move....

Elena is still feeling a bit icky, so I think Mike will go to MA himself and her and I will stay home. I hate to make her sit for a 5 hour car ride sick to her stomach. I know how I would feel.

Well, back to the daily grind..


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Sara said...

all together now: AWWWWWWWW!!

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