Thursday, April 28, 2005

Just thoughts and crochet

Yesterday, I was reading the paper (or maybe it was Tuesday or Monday). I usually don't read the paper much, except for the Region section. For some morbid reason and, because I am a local gal, I read the obituaries first. I think I got that from my Pop-Pop. For years he was THE florist in the town I grew up in. He was a cigar smoking, beer guzzling burly ass florist. If you saw him in the street, you never would have guessed his occupation. Although his yard was, even in his last days, the most beautiful spectacle of colors. He had a barefoot lawn and flowers everywhere. I miss him so much. Every year I plant pansies in his honor. Anyway, every morning he read the obits to figure out what flowers to order. Since I don't have flowers to order, I think it's my morbid obsession with the obits that has me reading.

Anyway, to the story.....I saw a picture of a chimp smoking a cigarette (I read the National section). I read the caption and it explained that in the zoo he was in people threw lit cigarettes in where he lived and he mimicked the people by smoking them. This made me think. First of all, who the hell throws lit cigarettes into where an animal lives? What kind of people are they? Secondly, why the fu** do people think it's okay to throw their butts on the ground, lit or unlit? It really pissed me off and made me think.

We're going to Disney next week. It's always so damn clean there, I love it. The grounds are impeccable and it's one of the reasons it's such a great place to visit. People talk about that aspect of it a lot. Anyway, I got to thinking (always dangerous). The part of New Jersey I live in is more rural, suburban. There are some litterbugs, but in most respects, people are pretty good about their litter, etc. Not to say there aren't problems. There are cities around me that are a bit more urban and for some reason, the poorer the city, the more the residents feel it's okay to shit it up. I don't understand that concept, but it's there. (I don't live in Northern New Jersey, which has it's share of factories, etc). That in turn made me think about my mother-in-law. Years ago, when I first got together with my husband, we would go to New England to visit his family. Now, I always envisioned a Norman Rockwell sorta place, NOT!. Anyway, Lotto is BIG there. My MIL was truly addicted to the scratch tickets. She would buy them at the fruit stand, the paper store, anywhere. For God's sake, they had scratch ticket vending machines in some places. Anyway, she was addicted. She would scratch the freaking tickets and just drop the losers in the parking lot. The entire parking lot was always filled with scratch tickets, lotto ticks, etc. I was appalled. I mentioned to my husband that I never had seen so much freaking trash in parking lots as I did in Westport-Fall River. At first he just shrugged it off, but then he thought about it and noticed it. He AGREED with me. These people (please, no spam, no nasty e-mails, I am not dissing New England, just an observation) were absolute slobs when it came to their trash. I saw more car ashtrays just dumped in parking lots there too. I don't get it. I'll tell you one thing, there weren't scratched off loser tickets all over the floor of her home. What made her think it was okay? Was it because everyone else did it? Was it because of her generation? She passed a few years ago and I miss her. I loved her and am not dissing her, but damn I wish I had asked her about it.

Rant over (for now)



Trish said...

Ok, as a New Englander you had to have known I'd comment!!

Yes, it's completely true. New Englanders are SLOBS!!!!!!! I personally never litter. I won't throw anything into anything but a trash container. But sometimes said trash containers are full and overflowing and the wind blows it all over the place.

I live in a very touristy area and unfortunately, when the visitors start coming in, the place gets dirtier...coincidence?? I think not. They feel they can litter cuz it isn't their home? Well, excuse me, it's MY home!!!!

I am forever commenting on how they need to get the convicts out to clean the sides of the highway cuz it's just littered with trash. It grosses me out and it's really sad to see. We have such pretty scenery and it's ruined!!!!

Although they do an OK job with the parking lots.

I know your husband comes from Fall River but it's not a very nice place. I personally would never live there and only dated one guy from there, never again! It's rampant with poverty, drugs, and crime. Not a fun place. Too bad cuz it's right on the water. I don't know why it's like that but I think that has alot to do with the scratch ticket phenomenon. Lots of people waiting for their big win to make it out of there.

UGH, makes me embarassed for my state and for the people. I'm glad I don't do that but why can't other people????

Sheila said...

I grew up in the 'burbs just outside of Detroit. It was nice there, it was clean there. One local grocery store in particular was always clean, inside and out. About 10 years ago, I went back to visit and it looked run down and incredibly dirty. I heard that the neighborhood was going downhill and it showed. Such a shame.

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