Friday, April 29, 2005

I'm back with more ramblings...And buttons!

We got back around 3:30 this afternoon. There was a 2 1/2 hour wait in the specialist's office, which is unusual, but he does spend time with you and explain everything, so I won't complain. Elena was an angel today, it was a long wait for her too, but Rocks, Scissors and Paper saved the day. His report was good. In two months, off the steroids completely. Hopefully, in another year, the Methotrexate will make the disease go into somewhat of a remission, which will show on lab work. No cure, but remission is cool. Anyway, then I can stop it for a while. My bone scan, which I was nervous about was perfect. He was amazed that after being on such a high dose of steroids and not taking the calcium, but watching my intake with eating, etc. it was so good. I use the Viactin chews now though cause of foot cramps. I had a few small complaints and asked him about it. His reply was, much to my dismay, I am aging and it's part of the process. Does that bite or what?????

We went to the NICU and Elena was excited til she realized she couldn't actually hold a baby. She was disappointed, but was okay about it. She did the scrub-down, etc. Almost all of the nurse are the same as when she was in. I didn't recognize any of them, but I guess I sorta had tunnel vision. Mike did and they recognized our unusual last name. They were excited and asked Elena if she was a graduate from there. She said she was and when they asked her how old she was now and she said 5, they were stunned. She's so tall, you would never guess in a million years she was a preemie. We then walked through the city (traffic was a bitch) and went to one of Mike and my favorite places, Santa Fe Burrito. When I was pregnant with Elena and on hospital bed rest, they would deliver to the hospital and we had many nights of Santa Fe food and Rummikube games. So, I guess the place holds a special place in my heart. Unlike Ro, I don't think there's a romantic bone in my body. I don't remember the date of our first date, the date we got engaged, and, believe it or not, I have trouble remembering my anniversary date. I check the invitation that's in the curio with the other stuff from the wedding. It's sad, really.

I received mail today!!! Button from Ro, and they are stunners. I am such a slacker with shit, I feel awful. She sent some and included a "special" one she ordered for me.

See em

My "special one"

I love them Ro and love you too!

Hope everyone had a good day!!


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Dani said...

Glad you had good reports! The buttons are wonderful, and Im sure youw ill find good use for them! Enjoy the weekend!

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