Monday, April 25, 2005

I'm at my wit's end---

This weekend was kind of a bust. I spent almost all day Saturday doing nothing. I literally fell asleep twice during the day sitting on the couch. Sunday I did manage to clean out a bunch of stuff from my office (yippee!). This was much needed, now to finish, another story.

I am working on a few secret projects, trying to get finished before my trip. Hope all goes well. I am actually working on two projects at once this time and I'm not all confused (shocking for me).

I have a major problem with Elena. She has stopped eating. Not completely, but the only thing she will eat is yogurt and peanut butter. My daughter is a worrier and a bit neurotic. She apparently choked while drinking water last week and it freaked her out. Now she is afraid of choking on her food (so she says). She was always an okay eater. Doesn't eat sweets, prefers milk and water. She at least used to eat raw carrots, celery, oranges, bologna, spaghetti, vegetable stew, toast, waffles, french toast, chicken nuggets, fries, Mickey D's burgers. She will not eat any of them now. I have cooked, cajoled and begged...nothing. She was eating a piece of bologna last night and after chewing it, spit it out. We bought her a kid's meal with fries and nuggets, same thing. She won't drink milkshakes or Pediasure, so that's out of the question. I've been making her take vitamins, but I'm worried. Is there something I'm missing? I told her if she didn't eat by Wednesday, I was taking her to the doctor. She cried. I don't know what to do. I cooked all last week and she didn't eat a thing. Our trip is looming and I am worried. Anybody else ever have this problem with a 5 year old???

Another story of how kids think the world revolves around them. Last week I received a notice that Elena's school trip to Storybook Land was scheduled from May 13th-the day after we return from Disney. I told her about it and she was thrilled they scheduled it around her vacation! They also wanted chaperones for the trip, but I backed out of that. My husband thinks I should go, but after a week of Disney with him, my mother and Elena, I need the quiet. I'll have a week's worth of laundry from three people, plus unpacking, etc. I also have to drop her off at school at 9:00 AM that morning. No way. Besides, there is going to be 40 kids going. I'll have had enough of kids by then.

It rained all weekend, not that we didn't need it, but it's now damp and chilly. Better than snow though (silver lining).



Natalie said...

Hey Deneen -
I don't know if you saw my post at C'Ville, but Mitzi decided to delete her blog for now. I emailed her a week or so ago to ask what was up when I noticed her blog down.

Also wanted to say you're lucky cuz we got snow this weekend... not much accumulation but it went on Sat and all Sun... some places 45 min. north of us got about 7 inches! YUK!

Natalie said...

I forgot to say good luck with getting Elena to eat! I don;t have any experience in that area so no advice to offer, but I'm sure it's so worrisome! (is that a word??)

noricum said...

I don't have any experience getting kids to eat, but maybe you can try talking to her about things that might cause one to choke accidentally (talking while eating, rushing...), and things she can do to avoid this (taking her time, chewing fully, etc), while still eating properly? Good luck!

The Shrone said...

You could talk to my mom and found out what she did to get me to eat. I was a consummate "fussy eater" and would refuse to eat. (She would get so frustrated with me!)

I think a doctor said that leave me to my own devices and when I'd get good and hungry I'd eat. Apparently something worked because I'm still here.

Hopefully she's just in a phase and will soon surprise you with a voracious appetite!

Wendy said...

I would take her to the doctor to rule out any medical causes for her not eating. Good Luck!

Ro said...

D, don't worry too much, kids go through phases like this, kitty was a very picky eater for awhile.

i might try taking something she really loves, mac and cheese, maybe spaghetti without meat, and try cutting the pasta really really fine. see if she'll eat something with a mushy consistency so she doesn't have to chew it so much. does she have loose teeth? that might contribute to her feeling like she can't chew her food right and/or choking feeling.

i wouldn't put too much pressure on her, don't worry, when she gets really hungry, she'll eat. in the meantime i'd offer applesauce, puddings, jello, anything she's willing to try in the meantime.

good luck sweetie!


Joy said...

I did the same thing at around age 7, I just didn't want to eat. My mom did take me to the doc though because she was baffled. After ruling out the fact that there was nothing wrong with me, he told my mom that I'd eat when I was ready and I did. But I don't remember what made me get over it, just that I eventually did.

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