Friday, April 22, 2005

I am now really an official Shrone! Thanks Lori

I received my official Shrone prize package today! In it was: a laminated official Shrone card, which I shall carry in my wallet for ID purposes. I also received a Anne Bonny Infamous Pirate Action Figure, a potato gun set (it shoots potato plugs), which is great cause Mike and I don't eat potatoes anymore, but we can run around the yard and shoot each other with them. The coolest little pirate tissue pack with a "saucy message" (Lori's words). They have a little boy pirate telling a little girl pirate "You're the Booty I'm after" and a wonderful letter from Lori. She also included, as a thank you for being a great secret pal, an absolutely gorgeous radiator cover for my living room. I don't do any thread projects (okay, an occasional pouch or chapstick holder) and this is so gorgeous and intricate and yes, Lori, perfect as the picture shows (I know the A/C doesn't look good like that, but it's better than none)

Picture of all the "bootay"

Close up of the runner

Runner in it's new home

Thank you Lori for everything. The runner is absolutely perfect and being used as I type. So, yes, homemade gifts are cool with me!



justcinful said...

Yep, I did crochet all thos circles! Somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 of them. I thought they would show the colors better than just strands of yarn for her project. You can see a picture of the pile of circles here:

~drew emborsky~ said...

The runner is fantastic!!

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