Tuesday, April 12, 2005

For those of you eyeing a cocoon.....lookie here!

I have been trying to figure out how to rewrite that damn cocoon sweater all week, but haven't had the time to mess with it. I am searching around and found this! Ken also sent me her link after feeling sorry for me for shamelessly begging him for his patterns) How amazing is this! For $6 and instantly having it, why should I rewrite it!

Of course, I quickly Paypaled her and received the pattern in like 60 seconds!!!

The pattern is awesome, has cool sleeves and is from sizes XS to 4X (now we don't have to go there, I've already accomplished the larger sized one).

Anyway, this is a hip stitch, totally cool and youthful!!

Check out her other designs. She has shawls to die for!!

In case you missed it above "LaVonne's Not Just Knits"


Angela said...

Oooh you're making me blush, which isn't easy for me! I'm happy you like my designs, it people like you that encourage me to keep on designing, some days I wonder why I do. Now I know its for people like you! Thanks so much, Angela/La Vonne

Joy said...

So pretty!

The Shrone said...

I want to buy her patterns, too! Did you see the long vest she recently posted on Crochetville with the promise to have the pattern available soon? I think she's got fabulous designs!

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