Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Finished Fleuri

I finished the fleuri bag last night. The pattern is from the last edition of Crochet me! and written by Julie. The pattern was easy, perfect, no changes needed (although I am adding a row of sc around the edge of the bag that opens. I may line it, depends on my mood.

Now will I use the bag, don't know. I'm goofy like that. It may be too "girly" for me. I'll have to think about it a while.

I ordered business cards yesterday. No big deal, but my mother wears a lot of the stuff I make and always gets inquiries and she's bad about referrals. She's been begging for some cards, so..... BTW I put down Fiber Designer as my title (a little tongue in cheek humor)

I have to run to Target today as Elena has informed me her teacher told them they could wear shorts ad sandals. I bought her some Lands End sandals a couple months ago, but don't want them ruined for Disney, so I have to get sandals. Besides it's a good excuse to get some cheapy flip-flops to use up my eyelash yarn.



DAWN said...

Your bag turned out great. I felt the same way about the 'girlyness' of it, so I made them smaller for the Flower Swap, added a little strap and they became wrist bags. A little girly accessory but not overtly prissy. Good luck with the Fiber Designer deal!


Vera said...

That bag is sweet. The color is great,and the handle really works for it.

I have the yarn,pattern,and handle, and it's in my "to do" list.

Jewels said...

omg that Fleuri bag is darling!!! I'm surprised Elena hasn't claimed it. :) Awesome pink too.

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