Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Button Swap-thanks Fiona

I received my first buttons from the Crochetville Button Swap Today (see cute side bar button). They were from Fiona. Of course, unlike myself who considers stuffing the mandatory two buttons I picked out, plus a few more for good measure in a padded envelope and sending them out great, Fiona took the time to print up a nifty "button definition" page. She also took the time to glue a piece of felt on the side and sew the buttons to it. She also made a pretty thread daisy button. Sheesh, I really suck!

Without further ado-

Thank you!!


noricum said...

Don't fret... buttons stuffed in a padded envelope are just fine. ;) There'll always be someone doing something fancier than us.

Karla said...

[LOL] Fiona created a beautiful crochet-themed card for me in the Scarf swap! I'm with you and feeling totally inadequate when held up to her talents! [LOL] But then, let's not feel that way! We all have wonderful talents. She is simply sharing her creativity with us...I'll take a lesson from her for the future! She cares about the details!

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