Monday, April 18, 2005

Am I in a cult??????

Funny story I had to post about. I realized today I rarely go anywhere. I go to Michael's and AC Moore for yarn, Target for shit, WaWa for coffee once in a while, , the drugstore, the post big deal. My husband prefers to grocery shop, he does it. I hate the mall. I buy almost all of my clothes online, okay I buy a lot on-line. I do all my banking online, etc.

I also do a lot of my postage on line or, if it's regular first class mail, I weigh the stuff, figure out postage, leave it in my mailbox for the maillady to pick up with the money. She brings me the receipt the next day, easy.

Anyway, I used to go to the post office a few times a week, but have been just mailing from home lately. I had to go today. Dave, my super friendly mail clerk always has a story to tell, etc. Now, my post office isn't a small rinky dink post office. It services three townships, etc.

Anyway, I go in and get in line. When I get to Dave, he asks me if my husband called any of the numbers he gave him to have me deprogrammed from the obvious cult I am in? I have no clue what the hell he is talking about, so I press him on the issue. Apparently he feels I am in a Button Swap/RAOK cult. Now, all the mail for that usually goes in my home mailbox with postage on it. He said he saw a bit of packages going out for RAOK/Button Swap and was concerned about me (I write Button Swap or RAOK on the outside of my packages). We laugh and joke, but then he says he sees it's gone international. Now, one of my button swap partners in international and I did a customs form for that last week, threw it in my box as usual. I laughed, he laughed and then I realized how "strange" my mail must seem to him.

I also went to the drug store and realized that cigarettes are now $55.00 a carton. That is not a typo. Generic smokes (not the sub-generic) are $5.00 a pack. Premium smokes are now $5.75. I guess the difference is less cat piss on the tobacco, although I can't prove this. I had to buy a pack today cause my mailorder cigs had a computer glitch and won't ship til today or tomorrow. Now, I am going to make this pack last three days. After Disney, I am done smoking and I mean it this time. Do you know how much yarn I can buy for $55.00?????????

I also realized today that I have become a recluse. I like my little world and avoid all shopping, except for yarn and Target. I get almost everything through the mail now. I also realized, I don't like the general population much. I am becoming a true SHRONE.



Kari said...

A cult I will be proud to say I am part of lol!
Crochet cult... hmm.... What do they deprogram you with?

ThreeOliveMartini said...

hahhaahaha 55 dollars could buy a shit load of yarn!.... think about all the yarn you have been missing!

Sara said...

omigod! Cigs *have* gotten expensive! I quit about 5-6 years ago...and during the school year no less. Crochet will be your best friend when you begin to quit. Hubby came home one night during my quitting spell and discovered we had a new blanky. :-)
And recluses kick ass!

Jingle_Lady said...

I have to laugh about the cult thing. One of my co-workers jokingly said that it's like I've joined a cult since Nov/Dec when I re-picked up my crochet. Now it's crochet this, crochet that, etc. LOL. I just laughed. :D

goldi said...

Well, I haven't been accused of being in a cult - yet! I do try, I mean I try really hard not to bore people to tears with my nonstop chatter about yarn and all things crochet, but it's hard.

And if I didn't HAVE to go to work, I'd probably never leave my house. I've harbored secret dreams for years of becoming a hermitess.

I never thought I would say this, but I've finally reached the point where I'd like to quit smoking too. Never mind the fact I can't afford it anymore (hell, can barely afford food, especially since I tend to sacrifice what little of that's available for an occasional yarn fix), but what is finally getting to me is the smell, it's really interfering with my crochet (from trying to protect my yarn from it). Now if only I could stifle the little internal demon that freaks every time I say "quit" and promptly goes into severe craving fits!

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