Monday, March 14, 2005

Woo Hoo It's Monday....

I posted yesterday, but Blogger ate it so, wish me luck!

We went to Ocean City, NJ on Saturday and walked the boardwalk. It was a bit windy, but it felt so good to be out and about. Of course, by Sunday I needed a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. I have been doing the Prednisone taper and I was fine til the past week. Every muscle in my legs hurt and are sore. Walking is an effort at times. My arms and back are bothering me, but not like my legs. Hopefully a couple days of early to bed sleep will help.

I'm finishing up another ripple blankie for the charity CAL. This one came out very nice, I like it a lot.

If you recall, I wrote to Caron about their Simply Soft yarn having knots throughout and frays, etc. Well I received the three replacement skeins they sent me. All in white (blah), but I thought okay, cool, finally. The first skein, not even 12" into the skein, had a huge ass knot in it. The yarn is better than the yellow skeins,but still, a knot at the beginning. So, yes my fellow bloggers, Caron Simply Soft does still Simply Suck. The yarn has a nice sheen and feels so soft, but is a bitch to work with.

I traded some yarn with Colettelast week and mine arrived Friday. I had some Foliage Boucle and she sent some Red Heart Fiesta in Country Rose. I will make my cocoon sweater from this and will post a pic of the yarn soon. It's a nice rose color with thin ribbons of navy blue and grey throughout.

I know summer is coming, but I only have wool on my mind. After seeing Beth's gorgeous dyed wool boucle, I have to get some done. It's just a matter of winding up the skeins. I also want to use this thin pink wool I have with metallic strands throughout and try to make a bag. Now that I bought the Embellish-It I cord maker, should be a snap for the straps.

Elena is going to do some kind of slow dance routine at her school's PE show. She has a dance partner, Henry and is very excited. The song is "Hold Me, Thrill Me" and she is absolutely thrilled. They have to wear a fancy dress, dress shoes and tights (the girls that is) and we are all set. I bought her a white sweater for Easter, but now I want to make a cape, but cannot find a pattern anywhere. I like Chelle's Lacy Poncho a lot, but Elena hates wearing the poncho, so a cape of wrap it'll have to be. I suck at revising this shit, so I'll have to come up with something. The Caron Simply Sucks in white would be perfect.

I also made some of the beaded book things on Friday--I love the way they came out. I ordered waxed linen cord in natural and black and hope it'll be in this week. I also need to find more glass beads. Oh well, it's always something.

Time to get some coffee



Natalie said...

Elena's gonna be so cute - be sure to post pics so you can show her off, plus what you decided to do with the shawl...

Thanks for thinking about us with the whole identity theft thing - it's some really scary shit! If you don't already, just get a copy of your credit report, that is the big lesson we've learned from this. From what we're hearing though, this guy will prosecuted as felon, so that is at least one bit of good news!

Hope your legs are feeling better soon!

ThreeOliveMartini said...

hope you legs feel better soon !!.. sounds like you had a good weekend..

it shouldnt be hard to find a little cape pattern you like.. and is a "cape of wrap" anything like the "grapes of wrath" LOL.. I am really sorry about your luck with caron .. i guess i must be lucky when it comes to that yarn cause I havent had any problems..

also.. that thick/ the i-corder...not sucha good time.. you can try it.. but I did with other thick thin i had and it didnt do so hot..

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