Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Anyone who read my blog knows that I cannot do two projects at once. I have a WIP Wednesday and it should be WIM instead:

I am currently working on the Little Maggie Cape for my daughter-I am 40% done

I am currently starting the cocoon sweater (enough of this already, just do it)

I am going to wind off some hanks of wool to dye

I have a few items in mind to make. A cotton asymmetrical poncho (we'll see how it works with the yarn I'm using), another shawl (pattern unknown)

I want to get to another baby blanket by next week

I still have to make some soap (this won't be done probably til next week, who am I kidding, after Easter)

I have another RAOK package I am trying to get together, just can't seem to get the right items I want to send.

I ordered some cool rainbow thin hemp and beads for more book thongs. The waxed linen is okay, but it leaves my hands a bit sticky and I don't like that. I must get some bead storage boxes though, the ziploc bag approach is wearing thin.

So this is it for now. Of course, we are cooking Easter dinner here so I have to clean up a bit, okay a lot, but it's too early to rip the dining room apart now. It's also Elena's "project room" and to clean it up now is futile.

She had her eye doctor appointment yesterday and he had to do the eye drops, which freaks Elena out. She was so brave and good. I am so proud of her. Trust me, she has her moments when I just wanna scream, but she is my little doll.

I am feeling a little better, Vicodin for two days helped. I just wish it would warm up a bit so I could get out and get more fresh air. This winter has been too long!

We have an Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday and I hope the weather is good for it. Gotta run, lots to do and so little time to myself.


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