Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Well, it's Wednesday again and here I am, again...

1) 63 squares CAL-I completed the first one and did the second one, but the second one was 1/2" bigger, so I'll start over. So far I've gone down a hook size and may have to go down to an F (ugh). I think I'll stick with the G and just make em all a bit bigger.

Anyone else have this gauge problem? I went to the CAL on C'ville, but there's over 1,000 posts, too many too read. Please, anyone, let me know.

2) Just finished a secret project yesterday. Something I designed myself.

3) The cocoon sweater will be started just as soon as I get my yarn I traded with someone with. It shipped yesterday, so perhaps in a few days.

4) Finished my felted bucket bag and will dye some yarn either Friday or next week to start the market bag.

All for now, back to the housework!!


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