Wednesday, March 02, 2005

WIP Wednesday

Hey gals, just posting a few WIP's. You know me, I don't do more than 2 things at once cause my brain can't handle it. Anyway, I am working on these fantastic socks. Finally, a sock pattern I can understand and actually complete. I finished one and will work on the other today. I'm using that funky Moda Dea Sassy Stripes yarn and they are coming out so cool!!! I love em (well, the one I finished anyway). My SP sent me the yarn and I had written back to her one time and mentioned, when the swap was over and the reveal was done, I would make her something. She asked for socks or slippers. Well, I never made either (okay I made these totally funky slippers for myself, but would never give those ugly things to anyone). Anyway, I decided to make socks for her or maybe a shawl, I still haven't decided. Back to the socks subject, I printed out the toe up patter, but was only okay with it, not wowed. I was doing my blog roll yesterday and stumbled upon Yarnification and a pair of socks looking right at me with the link and everything. It was the first issue of Crochet Me and there were two awesome patterns I found, one being the socks. So here I am making socks!!!

Anyway, I plan to start the cocoon sweater this week, I swear I do. I have the yarn, etc. I also have the hemp, etc to make Donna's original book thong (not the gorgeous crocheted one, cause I DO NOT DO THREAD!!). Anyway, that's kinda my WIP's.

Of course, I'm always working on something as far as the blankie CAL goes, just finished the fourth and now to another. I am loving this week crochet-wise, but otherwise "thwwwwth" (That's my written version of a raspberry).

I'm getting a few RAOK's together this week (it's the postage money that's holding me back from sending em out today). I did send one small one out yesterday.

"Someone" wrote to me last night and told me to expect a box from Yarn Market sometime in the next few days and, get this, it's not yarn! I am now intrigued and impatient....what could it be????


(I'll post sock pics when they are both done)

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