Tuesday, March 15, 2005

What's new

Well, I finally broke down and bought a cape pattern since I could not find one pattern anywhere on the web. I purchased the Lil Maggie cape pattern from Caney Lady's Creations....anyone ever buy any of her patterns?? She is also on eBay. I bought two kids patterns, once for a poncho and one for the cape and an adult pattern, Maggie cape. It was kind of a need wrap, so I figured why not. She only charges $2.99 per pattern (the two kids patterns were one pattern) and e-mails em through adobe. The patterns are about 8 pages long with full picture descriptions and instructions. I plan to start the cape today.

I did the measurements for the cocoon and hope to also start that today (I know, two things at once, oh my!!). Elena has an eye doctor appointment right from school, so we'll see.

I did make a neat crocheted hook case for my Brittany wooden hooks. I used the idea from the newest Crochet Me for the case, but did the chain and crocheted around it and kinda did my own pattern, using hdc and then a longer flap, etc. I used some leftover Moda Dea I had from making those socks. So, the socks took about 1 1/2 skeins and I was able to make this with the leftover, which means I still have two skeins left!! Hooray!

I also plan to hand wind some of the fisherman's wool to dye. So many WIM's, so little time to squeeze it all in! Any of the winding, dye, thoughtful counting crochet, soap milling, cream making, must be done when Elena is at school cause she wants to "help", which is sweet, but which has me ready to rip my hair out within 5 minutes.

Anyway, back to crocheting. Pics will be posted of the hook case.



DAWN said...

oh, how I love Mode Dea yarns! Their colors are so yummy!! That is a really good price for patterns you got. I hate paying 5.00 and up for a pattern. I'm cheap...


YarnGirl said...

Can u provide a pointer to the place in crochetme from where you got the idea for the hook case? I bought some brittany hooks a few days back and would like to make the case.

Deneen said...

The hook case is in the Crochet Me Newsletter. If you contact me at yarnsandmusing[at]gmaildotcom I will forward it to you.

I did a chain about 2" long and crocheted a sc aroundfor about 4 rows and then switched to hdc. I kept going for about 7 1/2" and then did the flap and used a shank button. I did a sc around the flap edge.I store the hooks handle side down.

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