Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What is going on with Mother Nature?

I'm telling you, yesterday it was almost 60 with a slight wind, but wonderful! the snow finally melted, we played outside, etc. Now, the forecast is bone chilling!!

This morning it was 45 with lotsa rain, by 1:00 PM, the temp will be 34 (real feel temp 18) with ice and snow. Trecherous driving conditions. Then, by 4:00 PM, 28 degrees with RealFeel temp of 6. I mean,what the hell is going on????? The low for tonight and tomorrow night is 16 degrees.

Please Spring, come on out!!!!! I can't take the cold anymore. I don't want anymore ice or snow either!!

I knew something was brewing yesterday cause my thumbs were killing me (arthritis)!!!

Damn winter, GO AWAY!!!!!

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