Saturday, March 26, 2005

Weekend Post

I figured I had better post today because I'm not going to get a chance later!

We will be busy getting dinner together and the house cleaned up for Easter dinner. My mom will probably be over early in the AM tomorrow for Elena's egg hunt. I need a major haircut today too.

I have so much prep to do, yet can't seem to keep away from "The Cocoon". Each time I get confused, lost, etc., I look at my three sets of different instructions, four pages of notes from those who survived and carry on. I hate long ass projects, but this one will not win--I will. If I only had lots of uninterrupted time--what I could get done.

I have a million WIM, but refuse to start any til I finish this--

Anyway, have a Happy and Blessed Easter


Sheila said...

Busy, busy, busy!!! I'm jealous of you getting the haircut. I've been trimming my own for a few months now. I really need a perm.

You sound like me and my poncho when you talk about your cocoon instructions. I had 3 different patterns for the look I wanted - all of them very similar but two things were majorly different - the number of chains in the foundation, and the spot where the rounds would join in the pattern. I eliminated one pattern because it had you turning the work and working in rows. The other two had you working in rounds. One pattern was sloppy and only written up to the 3rd row. No instructions past that. Not good for a beginner. I decided to just wing it and see what I'd come up with and eliminated the other pattern because it joined at the front/back point where the sloppy pattern joined at the shoulder. Figured it would be less noticeable to join at the shoulder.
I guess my advice to you would be a) pick one pattern b) write the author of the pattern for help and c) don't "over think" it. C) is where my problem is because I'm trying too hard to work the pattern in my head instead of the hook. Sometimes I need to clear my mind and just work the pattern as stated. Oh, and if "that crochet guy" is one of your patterns, I'd write him. He makes some very lovely cocoon sweaters and he seems very nice.
Good luck best of health to you for your festivities.

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to thank you for the help instructions you left on forum for Hookedonyarn...It was really helpful and now I don't feel like an idiot...I have trouble with almost every pattern I use....and their customer support center is not very helpful!

Thanks again and enjoy the holiday!



Natalie said...

Hey Deneen! just had to say that Elena looks like such a doll in that pic!!

Happy Easter, and good luck with your cocoon!!

Sara said...

Hey Deneen,
Hope you had a nice Easter. Elena is a precious little girl.

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