Monday, March 07, 2005

The weekend is over already????

Where does the time go? I had a wonderful weekend. We went to Cape May, NJ this weekend, which is only about 30 minutes from our house. There are a bunch of old Victorian homes there, lunching, some shopping, walking on the beach to collect shells, and we even made it to Sunset Beach (the western coast of NJ) and one of the few places on the East Coast we get to see the sun set. It was gorgeous and my daughter loved it.

We were all tired at the end of the day, but had such a nice time. For the first time in a few weeks, the weather cooperated and it was nice to be out and about.

Sunday, we just hung out, had some company for breakfast and then some for dinner. Elena loves company, so it was cool. We watched the Phillies play the Red Sox in Spring Training, just a hanging out sorta day. We all even were in bed by nine. Nice weekend!!

I have to go to Target this week and get some spring clothes for Elena. I know it's still cold here, but the damn things will be sold out in the next two weeks. She grows like a weed and nothing ever fits from one season to the next.

I've been working on a wrap that I kinda made up in my head. It's coming out great, just taking more time than I prefer. I also did a few more cozies this weekend. I do like that Lion Boucle a lot. It's so funky.

I also received a wonderful RAOK on Saturday. Some pretty wool roving in a color called Prairie which is red with blue and ecru through it and a cute teddy calendar. I will post pics soon, Hello! had been giving me trouble lately. Thank you fairy godmother!!

I did get the playroom cleaned out some and have a huge bag of toys for the daycare center, they'll get dropped off this week too!

The house is pretty straightened out, for a change, and all I have today is laundry, for which I am grateful since "Aunt Flo" decided to visit me on Saturday. I ran out of "contraband" and had to send Mike out for some. He came back and announced "the weekend spoilers" were purchased and proudly held them up. He is such an ass at times (LOL)!

I called Yarn Market and they are sending a new sheepie tape measure. They were so nice!!

I must go and get more coffee!!!



Ro said...

ooo, sounds like such a wonderful weekend! You sure deserved it after everybody feeling so icky the past couple weeks!

I'm ROFL about your husband's "weekend spoilers" comment that's hilarious. At least he's willing to buy them, a lot of guys aren't! My husband is so good about that, when my dad was in the hospital and my sister and I were both dying of cramps and needed 'supplies' he went to the store and came back with a huge bag and said "Okay, I got your overnights, I got your maxi longs with wings, I got your maxi's no wings..." and then he pulled out the 80 capsule sized bottle of Advil and a bag of hershey's kisses and I declared once again my undying love and devotion for the man. LOL He'd turn beet red if he knew I told that story LOL.

Being married to such a shy man (about discussing ladies issues and all) I came up with a metaphor that he can get behind: I just tell him I'm on the DL and he goes "ohhh." and then turns the tv back on LOL. Ah, life with a devotee of Red Sox Nation...


ThreeOliveMartini said...

sounds like you had a nice weekend "spoilers" and all LOL .. i guess SP lucked out he will never have to do that !!

i need some coffee too .. have a great day !

Natalie said...

Hey Deneen1 Glad to hear you had such a nice weekend, sounds like it was great!

Thanks so much for those gorgeous rovings! They came in the mail just a little bit ago and I can't stop petting them, they're so soft and lovely! Thank you thank you thankyou !

Marvie said...

Heheh I got my spoiler on Saturday too... I'd been thinking it was early, till I read you'd gotten your's too so now I know it must have been right on time rofl. My hubby has no problem buying my girl stuff either and most of the time he knows to buy them (and chocolate) before I even realize it's time lol. Just another reason why I love the man =)

Hope you have a good week =)

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