Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Soggy Wednesday

Yuk! It is pouring rain out today! My dd's Easter party is at school today and they were supposed to have an outside egg hunt-bummer.

I thinks it's gonna rain for the next 4 days-I hope not Easter Sunday cause we have to have a hunt here. Last year the Bunny left them out at 6:00 AM in the rain. My daughter has some concern about him getting his fur wet...........

WIP Wednesday: Well, it's still the cocoon sweater and that's it.
WIM: AJ Wrist Bag, some cotton dishcloths, a surprise for my SP, Mom's afghan (Cable Afghan)

I'm tired as heck today. Elena woke up earlier than usual and I didn't get my half hour of just laying there staring at the ceiling. I'll tell you something else, she never stops talking. She wakes up talking and goes to bed at night talking. I'm laying in bed upstairs and she goes downstairs to see her dad before work and she is yakking on and on. She gets insulted if I ask her to be quiet for two minutes.

Oh yeah, why I had to drive Elena to school yesterday. Originally it was a boring post, still might be, but, of course, Elena added a new dimension to it.

Yesterday, I felt like some burning some incense in the kitchen. I was just in the mood for some. Anyway, I usually burn it when Elena is at school, but for some unknown reason I lit some at 11:00 AM. Well, she had some sort of allergy attack from it and wouldn't stop coughing and sneezing. Of course, I extinguished it and opened a window to air the house out. Anyway, she is coughing so much she is gagging. She announces she can't go to school "gagging" and starts crying. Now, this kid never cries. So I acquiesce and agree she can stay home. I talk her into laying up in my bed and watching some TV and chilling out a while, away from the dastardly smoky smell. Anyway, about an hour later she announces she would like to go to school. I drive her in and sign her in to her class. The teacher asks me if she's okay and I don't explain cause she is in the middle of "circle time". Anyway, Elena comes home from school and told me she explained to her teachers and the class that she was late cause there was too much smoke in her house and it made her sick. Now, thank goodness I'm going in to the school today and I can somehow explain what happened. What did they think I was burning?????? I feel so unfit!!!
So that's the story. Morale of the story: There are no secrets with kids and don't burn incense around em.

Maybe I'll step in some more shit and have something to post about later.



Mitzi said...

Yesterday's and today's posts were quite funny...I love how you tied them together. Thanks for the laugh and the thoughts. It's very much appreciated today.

Michelle said...

lol! Your Elena and my Holly sound sooooooo similar it scares me (except Holly's 3--it's like a peek into what she'll be like in a couple years). Great story. Oh yeah, and I'm jealous of your chickens!! I wish I had some too.

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