Friday, March 04, 2005

Socks finished yesterday Posted by Hello


Natalie said...

Hi Deneen!

Those socks are too cute! I love self-striping yarn, although I have yet to actually make socks from it, lol!

Thanks so much for sending me some rovings! That's so thoughtful of you and now I am so excited!!

Hope things get less stressed for you and your family, and that sunshine comes your way soon!

The Shrone said...

You've inspired me to make socks! I have always wondered what the self-striping yarn would do if you crocheted with it. That's just too cool.

I'm sorry to hear how your medical insurance is screwing with you. I hate it when profit blinds companies and they have no regard for the human lives they mess with. I hope something can be resolved for you that isn't too expensive or complicated.

Vera said...

Those socks are really cute.

Vera's Crafty Blog

Stacey said...

Great socks! I love those colors.

I hope you got your insurance stuff straightened out--what weenies!

Rebecca said...

LOVE those socks! would it be too forward of me to say i wear a size 8? :P he he heee.

i hope everything gets worked out with the medicine situation *hugs*

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