Thursday, March 24, 2005

Perhaps you crochet too much when.................

Today is officially the start of Elena's Spring Break. She's off until next Tuesday and then next Wednesday and Thursday she has the PE show, so craziness should set in. Oh, we're going to Massachusetts right after-ugh.

Anyway, I am had cooking eggs for coloring today. Anyway, a furniture repair man is coming out to fix the recliner this morning, which means we can't "do" anything til he's done. I have a Lane recliner, still under warranty and he's been here about 5 times already, enough said.

Anyway, I explained to Elena the man was coming to fix the chair. She asked which chair-that one or the crocheting one. So obviously the recliner is now the "crocheting chair". She also feels I have enough yarn and perhaps I should consider selling some on eBay. Kids....where do they get this stuff??


Ro said...

LOL Deneen; our recliner which recently died a premature and untimely death (lazyboy must refer to the way that the factory built it cause it never worked right) and it was the ultimate crochet chair. I crochet in our chair and a half now, when I can get into it! everyone else is always trying to take it over. This may necessitate serious action on my part LOL.

My kid says the same thing...she doesn't think I need any more yarn LOL. I think she's right...for now!

the book package in the mail to you btw; should get there tomorrow or Monday.


Trish said...

Oooh, coming to Mass, huh? Welcome back. LOL :) Have a GREAT trip!

Natalie said...

Hi Deneen!! Just popping in to say hello... Sounds like Elena and Kris are on the same page - lol!

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