Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The New and Improved Crochetville

Batter late than never, but I just wanted to say Donna, Julie and Tiff did an awesome job with the new Crochetville board. I admit, I was a bit worried with the move, I just had figured out the other board and then we were moving. Well, let me tell you, what a great board!!!! Okay, it did take me about half hour to figure out the darn avatar and signature crap, and was a bit panicked the first day, but oh my how I love it now. You get notification on private messages, you can directly e-mail someone, you can subscribe to threads and actually read what they put in their post on your e-mail, you can see who is in the chat room, etc. I cannot say enough good tings about it!!

Thanks Donna, Julie and Tiff--you have made the move painless and Crochetville is a home for us all!!! If you haven't been there, please, go check it out and tell em Deneen sent ya!!

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