Wednesday, March 02, 2005

More RAOK goodies! Thank You!

I received an e-mail this AM from Roto be on the lookout for a package from Yarn Market coming by UPS and there wasn't yarn in the package. Now I'm intrigued and impatient. Anyway, the day goes on and I hear the UPS truck stop outside. I wait til he's on the porch and pounce. He hands me this tiny little box. Now, I'm really intrigued. I go in, after trying to get past Elena asking if it was for her, and open it up and what do I see, the most adorable fluffy soft sheep retractable tape measure and a Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant for my crochet bag!! Oh how I love these both. I had these both on my Wishlist for sooooo long and took them off last week cause I figured I wasn't getting them (yes, I change my list from time to time). Anyway, what a wonderful and cool surprise!! Thank you Ro!!

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Karla said...

Lucky you, Deneen! I have one of those "Sheepies" too (had to buy it myself!) and love it! I don't have a yarn cutter yet, but it is still on my Wishlist. How neat that you got these two when you just removed them from your Wishlist thinking you wouldn't be getting them! Be patient, girl! Good things come to those who wait, and look at those goodies you got for waiting so long! :)

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