Monday, March 21, 2005

Monday Thoughts

Hey, hey, it's Monday.....

Not much to report over the weekend. Still working on the cocoon sweater and that's it. I have now three sets of cocoon patterns and four sets of people's notes on it and I'm trying to put it all together. The fiesta yarn is nice, but my hands are so dry they keep snagging the nylon colored yarn throughout. If this turns out, I know what I am making for some gifts.

We went to Target over the weekend to get Elena some summer clothes, bathing suit, etc. If I don't get hers early, they're gone by the time it's warm. $159.00 later and I think she has enough, we'll see. I need this stuff anyway for Disney next month.

I bought her some Lands End sandals a few weeks ago and my mom bought her another pair of new sneakers and some other clothes for Easter. She goes through shoes like Imelda Marcos.

I need new shirts and shorts so badly. I don't think I've bought any for a few years. I will need them for Disney, but am being cheap about it. Oh well, if I see something.....

This week is gonna be crazy, I know it already. I have to bake cupcakes for Wednesday, go to my dd Easter party and help out Wednesday afternoon, boil eggs for dying on Thursday and then dye them with Elena, the furniture repair guy is coming sometime Thursday (ya know, between 9:00 AM an 4:00 PM), I want to make some chocolate dipped Peeps (never had em, they are awesome!!!), my girlfriend is coming over Friday with her two girls for a playdate, I have to prep for Easter dinner, clean for Easter dinner and still have all the other house stuff to do. I guess I was right, the yarn dyeing and spinning will have to wait til next week. The following week is pretty hectic too with doctor appointments for my mom, Elena's dance routine at the school, her dress rehearsal the day before. I have to make sure her dresses are ironed, etc. Then, I think, we're going to Massachusetts for a few days to bring Christmas gifts (I know, I know). Not complaining, making more of a "To-Do" list for myself. Elena is off from school this Thursday through next Monday. I hope to get to Target the Monday after Easter to get a bunch of dye.

Anyway, I'm feeling lazy just reading all about it. I am in the middle of Tim Dorsey's newest book (He's so freaking funny, I love his stuff). I also have the new Ed McBain and James Swain books out from the library to get to.

Well, I better go and do something instead of writing (talking) about it!!


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Cindy said...

Deneen, Hope you have a good week. I know it will be a busy one for you (at least it sounds like it!).

I am giving you permission to buy yourself something. Isn't that all you need? :-)

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