Saturday, March 19, 2005

Just a quick post~

Just a quick post to let you know what's going on.

The cocoon sweater has been started. I had two sets of directions, as well as two notes from people who did them. Of course, there were some contraindications. After I started one of them, I received an e-mail from Lauri B of C'ville saying she knew of someone who taught a class on how to make this sweater and she would contact her and get her notes. Well, it turns out the FIRST way I planned to do it would have been correct for my size, sooooooo a froggin' it did go, but it was only 18 rows.

So, I started with the longer starting chain. The new set has measurements for different sizes, longer in the back, tapered sleeves, etc. I'm hoping it does turn out nicely because 1) It's the first clothing, except for ponchos and scarves I've ever really made and 2) If it's nice, this would be great gifts. It really is a flattering sweater.

We took Elena to the Easter Egg Hunt today. It was the first time we took her to the one in our community. We didn't even know they had one here, but she received a flier through school. I guess it's a pretty hush-hush not advertised thing. Anyway, about 300 kids were there and each child received a regular prize plus candy. The MTPolice Department sponsor it and spend $1,700 on prizes. So it's kinda cool each kid gets something tangible to take with them. Plus they put out a ton of eggs, Elena must have got 20. She had a ball and can't wait til next year. Of course, the Easter Bunny comes to our house and hides eggs outside (Last year in her nightgown and slippers in the pouring rain), but Elena loves the hunt so much.

We really came home from the hunt and kinda vegged. My husband tried to make this soup he grew up eating in New England, but they don't sell the right type of meat here and it kinda flopped. So we sat here all afternoon into early evening waiting for soup that never made it. We did watch the Scooby Doo movie. It was just one of those days you feel like you sat around all day to go to the Easter Egg hunt and then 2 hours later it over and you feel spent.

We're going to Disney next month for a week. Elena's first time! My husband has only been to Epcot, so he has no clue what he's missing! Magic Kingdom is my fav and I plan to spend 3 days there. All Elena wants to do is "see the Princesses". We're taking my mom, but did get a 2 bedroom suite. She can do her early morning thang and we can sleep without being interrupted.

I got the rainbow hemp and some pretty beads in today, so I should get to some beaded book thongs soon. Elena's Easter party at school is Wednesday and I'm helping out, she's off Thursday (which we have lunch plans, egg dyeing plans and peep dipping plans), Friday (my girlfriend and her two daughters are coming over--always fun, but hectic), Saturday CLEAN, dinner for 10 Sunday and then Elena's off again Monday. Not much will be getting done bead or crochet-wise this week. What a dreamer I am.

Plus tomorrow, we have to get to Target to get some summer clothes for Elena for the trip. They're having a big sale and if you don't get it right away, it's gone. She needs a bathing suit too. Too much shit, too little time to get it done, too little energy sometimes to care.

Squeezes, it's bedtime-

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Woven ~N~ Spun said...

Any chance to get your pattern for the cocoon sweater? I found one pattern and it's a bit daunting as well as confusing. ggg

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