Friday, March 18, 2005

Friday Ramblings

Mitzi started doing this and I liked the idea, so here goes:

Now remember, these are MY OPINIONS and you are entitled to them:

I am truly tired of hearing about Martha Stewart and "the poncho". I cannot believe so many people are running out and getting gray homespun or Bernat. It's just too bizarro to me.

I don't understand why so many people are posting negative posts about the RAOK, etc on Crochetville. That wasn't what it was supposed to be about.

I was called again by my daughter's school to bring in all paper products, including a tablecloth (which I apparently forgot last time) for the Easter party. I was also TOLD to bring in 24 filled plastic eggs, which I vetoed and said I would bring in cupcakes. I'm not being cheap, but there are 10 kids in her class and most of the mother's do not work, can't they help?????? They all show up for the parties. This is a public school, not a private one, so what does the PTA monies raised go on. They sell shit monthly.

I am having trouble shifting gears to Spring and summer crochet items. I think it's because I don't really have any yarn that is "summery".

Why is it the minute I get into the bathroom, someone "needs" me?

Why can't all child molesters be pharmaceutically castrated? Do you really think registering them in the new towns they move to is really working? I will never, ever understand what their obsession with children is and am completely and totally disgusted by them.

That's it for now, if I think of any more...........


Kari said...

I don't understand the negativity either. You guys started a great thing. Don't let a few people ruin that.

ThreeOliveMartini said...

all i can say aobut the RAOK is that some people claim to be grown up and they just arent and if they cant handle seeing others happy maybe they shouldnt read the thread

on a brighter note!! its friday!!

have a great weekend !!

Ro said...

People are complaining about ROAK? What the heck! Can't they be happy for others and realize that it's not about receiving??? *shrug*

Deneen I totally agree with you about child molesters. One pedophile can have hundreds of victims with ruined lives. Society is just not doing enough about this :(

Hugs and love the poncho/cape, it's so pretty!!!


noricum said...

I think I've missed the RAOK complaints... could you send me an e-mail? (Since I'm supposed to be moderating this stuff...)

Why were you supposed to bring 24 eggs if there were only 10 students? I've heard the PTA money goes to buy school supplies (like paper) that the government doesn't fully fund. :P

I think the pharmaceutical castration is done, but depends on the molesters to continue taking the drugs.

Leann said...

It's funny that you HATE uptight people because you sound kinda uptight to me. I'm sure it's just my perception tho.

I'm not saying I don't agree with you, but perhaps the way you put your ideas out there is harsh.

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