Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Day so far........

So far I've had a rotten day.....Dexascan was cancelled, but of course, not til I got there. It's seems the substitute radiologist didn't know how to use the machine. Then my insurance company calls. I use an injectable drug and used to get it through a company called Chronimed. Anyway, Aetna took over from Chronimed today....Aetna called today and said there's a six month back order on my drug, can I try something else???? What the hell is that??? Can I try something else??? Can you kiss my ass?????? Anyway, I told them Chronimed had no problems getting it and they were like "we can't get it, sorry". I called my regular pharmacy and they called around and located 10 vials. So then I had to call the specialist, have him call the new pharmacy and order it, but insurance will only allow 4 vials a month, so I will probably pay for the rest out of pocket. Of course, now I have to get the syringes, etc from the pharmacy, etc. What a freaking pain in the ass! I finally have something after 7 freaking years that's working and "can you try something else". I am so wired up!

On a good note, I finished another preemie blankie and hat. I loved this stitch and will probably do another in it. It was an online pattern I tweaked a lot, but I like it.

Elena got a RAOK of stickers from Ro. She loves getting mail and she was so excited it was from one of mommy's "Crochetville friends". Of course, she asked cautiously before seeing the envelope "it's not clothes, is it??". She used to love getting clothes! Oh well.

All for now. I'm too pissed to stay on line. I'm all keyed up from the Aetna phone call and have to vent by cleaning!



noricum said...

Yikes! I can see why you're peeved! I hope things work out okay.

ThreeOliveMartini said...

sorry you scan got cancelled.. that always bites when you have gotten up to be there and they tell you once you are there.. so inconsiderate..

and about the drug.. OMG.. i would have wanted to reach thru the phone and hurt some one .. seriously.. i cant believe the audacity .. AT ALL .. hope your day gets better .. !!

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