Friday, March 18, 2005

Completed Little Maggie

Well, I finished the Little Maggie Cape adding rows where needed, etc., but it came out too big in the neck. I followed the exact instructions. It's nice, but more "poncho-like" than I had wanted. I did have to add buttons to the top to close it, but all in all it's pretty. Next time (now I need more yarn), I will make the smaller size.


Mitzi said...

My comment keeps getting eaten...I'll try again!

I adore the litte cape! And I adore you!! Thank you so MUCH for that awesome RAOK package you sneaky little devil!!

I'll post all about the goodies next week - we're enjoying the outside before the rain hits...have a good weekend!

Jennifa said...

That cape is cute! I had the same problem when I was making Chelle's Lacy Poncho pattern...I didn't have a one year old around to measure for it, so I just put in a drawstring bow.

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