Monday, March 28, 2005

Another Monday Post

Good morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. We had a great time yesterday. I love having a house full over for dinner. I have to admit though, my husband is great about it and does a lot of the cooking and clean up, so that makes it so much fun too!

We had cream of asparagus soup (Mike made it), Spicy shrimp and lobster Caesar salad, spiral sliced ham, praline sweet potato casserole (my recipe), baby peas in butter, Grapenut Custard (New England thing), pineapple cheesecake, and caramel apple pie-awesome meal!

Anyway, Elena had a blast with my aunts and other family. She learned to Hula-Hoop and now has more swivel in her hips than Elvis!. She loves the egg hunt and was up by 6:00 AM to start. She also made someone hide eggs around the house all day. She never tires, although we all were exhausted between playing with her and watching her play. She was so wound up by bedtime-ugh.

I did manage to almost complete the second sleeve on the cocoon, just the rest of the body to go--by Wednesday should be done (fingers crossed). I am also working on a cotton dishcloth, nothing exciting, but hey it's two projects at once!

We're supposed to have heavy thunderstorms today-it's been raining for the past three days. Plus I think more is expected this week.

Elena has her dance recital this week, mom has her doctor appointment I have to take her too also. We also have to drop off a car to my brother sometime this week and somehow pack for the family visit this weekend. I do not like weeks like this one.

I think my girlfriend is coming over today with her two daughter's, which should be fun, but I am a little pooped from the weekend. The Prednisone withdrawal is going well, but yesterday was only a 1 mg day and believe me I feel it. Even the bottoms of my feet hurt walking barefoot on the floor. Oh well, life goes on and so do I.

Anyway, hope everyone is smiling!!



Ro said...

Just some squeezes for you Deneen, been thinking of you! The idea of Elena learning to hula hoop made me smile :)


Trish said...

ahhh yes, grapenut custard. If they have it at a restaurant I ALWAYS order it. My grandmother used to make it all the time. There's nothing like it :)

Stacey said...

I hope you're feeling better soon! That's got to be tough. I've never been on long-term steroids, but I've been given 5-day courses of them before and it's hard tapering off it even then, so I can only imagine how you're feeling now...

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