Monday, February 21, 2005

Yarn shopping I did go!!

Yesterday I went to AC Moore and Michaels yarn shopping. I dragged my poor husband along cause I had a bunch of 40% off coupons I wanted to use.

I was able to get from AC Moore: A skein of fisherman's wool that I'll dye, enough Caron Yarn to do the 63 squares CAL, a skein of super soft baby yarn for the blankie CAL, some boa for the paid job I have, some Homespun to do HollyM's butterfly shawl with, some hemp cord and beads for book thongs and a stitch counter. A mere $65.00.

Then off to Michaels where I checked out their yarns on clearance and bought three skeins of baby yarn for $1-$2 each, three skeins of some Simply Soft in Plum on clearance, some satin cord for my thread cutter necklace, a few beaded purse handles (I want the wood ones, can't find em anywhere) for a mere $20.00.

It felt good to get out and buy some stuff, although I could have spent another $100 easily.

I'm working on another blankie for the CAL in a mint green with this super soft baby yarn my brother brought me back from Asia. It's an acrylic, but so thin I need two strands. Nice stuff though.

In other news, it snowed here today, 2 inches, but it's supposed to rain and go up to 49 degrees, so it should be quite messy later.

I've caught my daughter's cold. Head is so stuffed up I can't breath or sleep. Stinks!!!!! She's back to school tomorrow (yeah baby!!!) so at least I'll have a few hours of quiet time, although I have a lot of cleaning I want to do now that she's not underfoot.

She's been watching my husband's Ren and Stimpy DVD's (much to my chagrin) and wants to know if I can braid my armpit hair for her to climb on. It's funny and gross at the same time (yes, I shave my armpits for all those wondering).

I have some WIM I hope to make WIP's by Wednesday.

On a down note, can you believe that freaking Jeff Gordon won the Daytona 500???????

Keep warm--


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