Friday, February 11, 2005

What to say, what to say....

Ah...the day after a particularly good post. It's always hard. I can't top it, nothing really funny happened. I've been working on a scarf (not enough umph eh).

The weekend is coming, as is Valentine's Day. My daughter is having a Valentine's Party on Monday at school. I am lucky enough to have been asked to be room mother. At first, I was kinda honored, til I realized it was a sucky job. We are baking cupcakes for the party and Elena signed and filled out her own Valentine's Day cards. Well, I also received a note to please bring in paper plates, napkins and paper cups for the party. This is fine with me, but they let me know 5 days in advance. Most of the Valentine's paper supplies are gone by now and all that is out is Easter. If I had purchased these earlier, they wouldn't have asked me. For the Christmas party they asked me to bring so damn much stuff in, I might as well have had the party here to save the trouble of loading and unloading my car.

The complaint is not about the money spent on these items. I send in snacks, juice, etc....It's the fact that her school has a PTA fundraiser at least every three freaking weeks. I get so much shit sent home in her backpack regarding cheesecakes, candles, wrapping paper, t-shirts, pies, cakes etc., I could start my own landfill. Ya know, they insist they use a backpack daily to bring home schoolwork, but I found she needs the backpack to drag home all the bullshit crap they send home. She brings home a 1-2 papers a day that she did and about 5 papers in reference to PTA, etc. She is supposed to have a school trip to "Storybook Land", a place that I went to on my kindergarten school trip. The funds raised from these fundraisers are supposed to pay for this and other items. What other items?????? The school can't afford to buy paper supplies for a party???? Also, she catches the bus at 11:45, the party starts at 1:15, so I'll drive to the school for that, then head home just in time for the bus to drop her off. I'm losing my "me" time people!!

February is right up there with November as far as days off. She has 1/2 days (since she is in pre-k she already goes 1/2 days, so she really has 1/4 days) on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for parent/teacher conferences and then has off on Monday. Her "1/2" day consists of catching the bus an hour earlier than usual and getting home 2 hours earlier than usual. She's home by 12:30, which totally throws her entire schedule and mine out the window. What the hell do parents who work do when this schedule is thrown at them??????

She then bored by about 1:00 and bitching about it the entire time. I already feel the headaches coming on.


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yarnmistress said...

I completely understand the school thing. I am always at my daughters school and doing things for the classes. I don't mind at all, but sometimes I wonder if the other parents realize that the things we plan and do cost money and sometimes a little help would be appreciated. There are two moms in my youngest daughters class that pretty much do everything (me and one other). I understand alot of parents work, but $2 here and there for projects and things isn't alot to ask is it?

One thing that irks me about the big school fundraisers is that individual classes don't always see the benefits of the funds. That is why I try my best to make sure that If I do anything it goes towards my girls classes. I do other things for the school, but I work mostly in and for my girls classes/teachers.

I have been needing to schedule in me time, because I am at the school so much. That is why I started Jazzercise in the mornings. Then I go into the classes in the afternoon.

Hang in there.

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