Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Ugh....germs all around me poor baby is sick. She has an ear infection, upper respiratory infection and conjunctivitis. She is like a germ factory. We went to the ped yesterday AM. I called right at 9:00 AM (when they open) and got an appointment for 10:15. We got there to a full house. They had already seen 20 kids since about 8:30 that morning. All were sick. The waiting room had so many coughers, sniffler and yes, even a barfer. Then we get in the office and she tells the doctor even her lips hurt. I felt like the worst mother in the world. There is nothing like the feeling of helplessness that you get when your kid is rip roaring sick and you didn't realize til the day before. Oh yeah, she had a fever of 101 too.

I knew something was brewing in her cause for about a week before she gets really sick she is skittish and nervous. She gets all jumpy. I kept telling my husband, "oh, a big one is coming". At first, he thought I was being neurotic, but I think he knows I'm right now. Anyway, she's on antibiotics, Tylenol, cough crap, nose crap, etc. The eye drops are out of the question cause I would never get them in her, so we're doing the "boring" (her word) compresses for now.

She's bummed about missing school and bored to tears with me. Her nose is so damn stuffed and runny at the same time, I know she must feel like shit, I would. At 3:00 AM, she kicked my husband out of our bed and climbed in with me. I love her to pieces, but sure don't wanna catch what she has.

She had a few huge sneezes last night and was mortified. She asked if her "head exploded and slime was coming out". I would have laughed, but she was too grossed out and would have gotten upset.

Anyway, she's probably out of school for the rest of the week. It's half days anyway, but still she loves school. Maybe Friday....... I've been reading a few different blogs lately and they discuss their homeschooling. I don't know how they do it. My neighbor does homeschooling for three kids and I'm in awe of her patience. I love my daughter, love being with her, but think we need the break from each other. We moved to this township because the schools were rated top in the state, so to school she goes.

Anyway, my daughter is calling she has some dirty tissues for me to toss out (I'm so lucky eh). I haven't crocheted much since the weekend, lost my mojo again. Have a huge yarn stash, but nothing I want to use. My house is a mess, my kid is sick and I have no energy to do anything. Bleh...........

Hugs (from a safe distance)


Trish said...

ahh yes, the joys of having a child, this is the other side of the story. Although, I did laugh at her "head exploding" comment :) I do hope your daughter feels better. She must be miserable and it's so hard to watch your poor girl so sick. I also will be praying that neither you nor your hubby get this!!!!! HUGS

Ro said...

Oh, Deneen, you poor thing and poor baby too! Last year my daughter had a thing with the eyes and ears and respiratory and she was so miserable. Her eyes were barely open for two days, we had to do the drops even though she didn't like them. Having a sick kid just totally sucks, bigtime. I hope that you and hubby can dodge it! It's so hard when you're being clung to and handed used tissues all day long, believe me I know!

Hey, I want you to know that I don't blame any mom that doesn't feel they could homeschool. I have asked myself on a couple occaisions if it wouldn't be better for Kitty to send her to school. Thing is, I do NOT like the school system near us, and on top of that I was homeschooled myself from third grade on, and so I always planned on doing it.

To be completely truthful with you, the thing that probably keeps me sane doing it is that my daughter isn't here all the time. I share custody with her dad, and she is gone on weekends and most holidays with him. But of course there are times she is home, we take vacation and I get to keep her (i would keep her every day of course, happily, if I could. I hate sharing her, and sending her out the door with him and his wife is more stressful than I can describe; a helpless feeling) but it does allow me time to make up the sleep I've missed (imperative with MS) and also time with my husband and so we are not together 24/7. More like 24/5.

She is also around a lot of other kids, cousins, some are homeschooled and some public schooled so she has a great social circle. She also takes dance and wants to start piano later this year. So she's socialized. In fact, she's a partier like her dad, and her stepdad and I are homebodies LOL.

I'm rambling on, but what I'm trying to say is don't ever question what works for you. Sounds like your daughter loves school, and it works for you and for her, that is all that matters! :)

I truly hope that you don't get what she's got...when Kitty gets sick I start taking Airborne, and praying a lot LOL.

I have to get my crochet mojo back too...maybe it's out with your crochet mojo on the town and they're having a hell of a good time, eh?


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