Thursday, February 24, 2005

Third preemie afghan for CAL Posted by Hello


Rosesandtea said...

Nice preemie blanket.

Your daughter is very cute.

IKWYM about the baths. I almost always get an audience, some of whom want to either get in or just play with their hands with the bubbles or water. sigh.

Sorry for the terseness or clipped-ness of my comments - feeling lousy with cold/flu/whatever today.
Hope your day is good and that you are feeling better than you were.

Ro said...

"Caron Simply Sucks"

ROFLMAO! That is so true! I love how soft it is but man, it can be hard to work with. I got a skein of pattons yarn and I am actually afraid to start using the better yarns, for fear I will never be able to go back to Simply Sucks again LOL.

The blankie is great!!! I will do my best to get pictures up into the gallery today, sorry I haven't yet the kid has been really clingy since she spent an extra day with her dad this week.

I sympathize with what you're going through with her bodily functions thing...if it comforts you any, I believe it is a phase. My daughter went through it, her dad (not her step dad, thank god!) is big on fun with bodily functions and it always grossed me out so bad. I bet she'll outgrow it and before you know it she'll be going "DAAAAD!" when he does something like that. She's probably just showing off stuff she learned from the boys at school, too. Ah, peer groups LOL.

I totally relate about the weather, we are still in the teens here with a 'high' in the 20's. That's not a high! Monday they're saying more snow for us too and we are just about ready to take a blowtorch outside and melt a patch on the ground just to see grass, even if it is brown LOL.

hang in there!!

Hunny said...

Another great blanket. I used Caron simply soft on a baby ripple blanket and a poncho. I thought it was ok. It is soft. I think that I would use it again.

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