Thursday, February 03, 2005

Stop sending your bad day vibes my way.....

Yesterday, everyone was bitching and moaning about their rotten days, but my days was delightfully wonderful. Well all your bad karma came my way and smacked me right in the ass--so stop!!

It started right after midnight last night, for some unknown reason my daughter was tossing and turning and shouting out in her sleep. Whenever I would go in to comfort her, she was so out of it she was telling me to leave her alone. Now, I slept with one eye and one ear open, so it sucked.

I wake up, have some coffee, post and get my dd ready for school. I have to take my mother to a doctor appointment right after my dd gets on the bus.

We get to the bus stop and she announces she has to "poop", so I take her in the house and tell her not to worry, if she misses the bus I'll drive her in. That causes an all out panic that she may *gasp* miss the bus, so she announces she will hold it. I beg her to go and she says no, she'll go at school, but she's not wiping cause it gross. Now, I really didn't have time to drive her to school, but secretly I was grateful even though I do not advocate holding one's poop in for any length of time.

The bus comes, she gets on and the UPS truck pulls up with my script that must be refrigerated immediately. Now, I have to unpack that and get it in the fridge. Then my hh calls and asks me to drop a set of car keys at the mechanics cause he has to drop his car off tonight for some work to be done tomorrow. So I break my ass, drop off the keys and race to my mothers. I pick her up and arrive at the doctor's office with five minutes to spare.

We walk in and give her name and they inform me the doctor doesn't see patient's in that office anymore and her appointment must be in the other office, 1/2 hour away (and a boatload of traffic to boot). Now, I made the appointment three weeks ago for that office and NO ONE said a word then. I'm miffed, but cancel the appointment because there's no way I can make it there, have my mother get seen and be home by 2:45 to pick my daughter up from the bus. Well, my mother is acting like it's my fucking fault and ranting all the way home. Now, mind you, my mother is 59 and not old by any means, so this is getting on my nerves. I drive her to appointments cause she will only drive like a three mile radius from her home for some unknown reason. Now, does she think I'm thrilled to have wasted an hour of my day on that? Then she announces she wants to go to Sears cause she has a coupon. Now, I avoid the malls like the bubonic plaque has been let loose in them. I nicely tell her no, I have a ton of stuff to do at home. She then starts a whole new rant about her "wasted" day.

I drop her off, happily and race home. She calls me to tell me she rescheduled the appointment for a day my daughter has an appointment there, but 6 hours apart. I explain, again nicely, that expecting my 5 year old to go in the AM, go to school and then go to her appointment after school is a bit much, can she reschedule it. She yells at me and hangs up. She then schedules it for the following day.

I cannot win no matter what I do!!!


Kari said...


You deserve a big big big hug.

ThreeOliveMartini said...

omg... your mom sounds like more of a handful than your 5 year old... big hugsss coming your way .. look in the mail..soon

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