Thursday, February 17, 2005

Queen of Doom and Gloom no more

I read through my last few posts and what a whiner I have been. Queen of Doom and Gloom. Anyway, I am NOT crocheting anything today, reading a book. Anyway, I decided to start the 63 squares Crochet-a-long. Now, to get some yarn for it, that's another story.

I have to tell a funny story that happened today. First, I have to describe the layout of my house so you can understand. The downstairs has 5 rooms not including the laundry room and bathroom. Anyway, the entire downstairs goes in a circle with two doors into the bathroom, one from the dining room and one from the spare room/office.

Anyway, when I sit at the computer, my back is to the bathroom door. My daughter, who loves playing in the sink, was playing around there all morning, filling cups and plastic bottles with water. I told her numerous times to stop because 1) she was using all cold water and her hands were freezing and 2) she was getting herself all wet. Anyway, she had stopped and I was at the computer. I heard the stool being moved to the sink and the sink turned on. She was *quietly* filling up the cups and bottles when I said to her, without turning around "Elena, stop playing at the sink, I told you to clean it up". She came running in and demanded to know how I knew she was there when I never turned around. I told her I had eyes in the back of my head and she spent over 5 minutes digging through my hair looking and freaking out. Finally, I had to tell her I didn't have eyes in the back of my head because if I hadn't 1) she would have had nightmares and 2) she would have bugged the hell out of me to show them to her.

With all the awe and amazement a five year old can muster up, she asked me "how in the world I knew she was there??" When I told her I heard her there, she scoffed at me saying she was way to quiet, etc. Even now, three hours later, she's still trying to figure out how I knew.

This is also the child that when I'm in another room and she spills something/breaks something etc., she says, in a panicky voice "I Love You Mom", that's how I know something has happened that she has deemed "bad". Since I rarely have to scold her, I am at a loss why she panics so, but she is a bit tightly strung.

We have parent-teacher conferences tonight and I am curious how she really is at school. Maybe (or maybe not) this will give me some insight.

Have a great day!!


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