Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Progress-Two steps forward, one step back

Okay, I've been working like a demon on my poncho/shawl swap project. I took it to the gyn's office yesterday and was working on it in the waiting room (I know my swap partner is wiping her brow now cause she probably thought I was working on it in the exam room. I'm good, but not that good). Anyway, one of the office gals came up to me and was staring. She then said "It's okay, I crochet too." It was freaky and funny all at once. Anyway, she started asking me all kinds of questions about sites, stitches, etc.

Then, my mother had an endocrinologist appointment, so I lugged my work there. I'm sitting in the waiting room crocheting away and suddenly felt eyes on me. I looked up and this woman said, "I'm sorry, don't mind me, I just want to stare at your hands for a while". Okay, now that freaked me out totally.

I get home and put down my bag til around 9:00 PM. I took it out, did a few more rows and showed it to my husband, That was when I realized all my work done in the waiting rooms was all one stitch off and messed up the entire thing. All the attention threw me off and my husband said "oh, is this where you frog?". So yes he's learning and a frogging I did go. I will be more careful this time around.

I also finally got some leather lacing to finish my felted bucket bag. I always called the leather laces thong, but now with the popularity of thong underwear I have to be careful. If I had mentioned to my husband I wanted some leather thong, he would have gotten so excited it might have killed him. On the other hand, if I had mentioned wanting leather thong, he would have probably dropped everything and taken me out for it immediately and paid for it too! But the jig would have been up when we pulled in front of a craft store. Anyway, I will work on the bag soon.

Oooh, I heard from Sutty and have her addy in Oregon if anyone needs it!

I have some errands to run and loads to do here.



DAWN said...

Leather thongs, frogging, strangers wanting to 'watch your hands'--it's hard to know where to begin with you today...
I hate it when you are so proud of all that you've accomplished on a project only to find you have to rip it all out! Yikes!!

Anonymous said...

This is Karen aka Rosesandtea.
Just had to say your thong comments are causing me much amusement in my only-one-cup-of-tea-down and still-need-to-shower state this morning!! (been up for a while, but just like uncle Joe I'm a-moving mighty slow). Anyhow thanks for the laughs. :)

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