Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A New Day......

Ahhhh...I'm sitting here eating a teensy sliver of Black Forest Cheesecake. I had to try it and was glad I did.

The Crochetville Wish List has been taken over by Trish (princess.trish@gmail.com) and Andrea (mantler@gmail.com) and I know they will do an awesome job. Marvie is going on a vacation for several weeks and I have some other stuff I want to attend to. Trish has some great ideas for the "Pay It Forward" and Andrea is ready and already posted as new moderator. Andrea felt it was good to have new moderators every few months and I agree with her.

I will still be sending out packages, doing the "Pay it Forward" and posting, just as a member, which is very cool!!!

Ooooh, a couple weeks ago I had a rant about a seller on eBay who way overcharged for shipping. Well, she wrote to me today and said she thought about it for a few weeks and had to agree with me. She has implemented the shipping changes on her auction items and store items already. I didn't leave her negative feedback or anything, just wrote a semi-nice letter about the overcharges. I never heard from her til today, but all is well. Her store is Annie may's spin and wool on eBay and she has some beautiful roving! Her drop spindle was very nice also.

Well, I have lotsa projects to get started on. I will post all my FP's tomorrow at WIP Wednesday. It'll be nice to have some stuff done to post for once~!

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Marvie said...

Hey that's pretty awesome about Annie's shipping changes! Great job ;) It's nice to know that occasionally a person can make a difference with a letter =)


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