Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My most embarassing moment

RebeccaV on Crochetville started a weekly question on the "Get to Know You" thread and this weeks was "What is your most embarassing moment?"

It's funny, cause I was thinking about this the other day on the way to the GYN's office. I figured if someone had a contest, maybe this would win it.

Three years ago I had a GYN appointment (with the same doctor I see now). I hate going and am always a nervous wreck. I always shave, put on good socks, undies (even though he doesn't see em), etc.

Anyway, I get nervous so I kept peeing in their bathroom. They had this cheap-o toilet paper.

Anyway, I got undressed, slid under the fine paper sheet and waited for the doc. He comes in and starts the exam, but looks at the nurse kinda funny. Now I feel very self-conscious, but figure it was my imagination.

He's done the exam and I go to get dressed. Now, I always use the paper sheet to clean myself off afterwards. I go to use the sheet and this humongous wad of toilet paper falls off of you know where. Now, I am totally mortified and skulk out of there all red faced.

When I went back a year later for my exam, I was still mortified from the year before and convinced he remembered it. So, of course, I bring it up in vivid detail and he doesn't remember it, but now I'm all embarassed again.

Now before I go in for my exam, I look for TP dingleberries.

Now, I know most of you are saying, "OMG I never would have gone back", but you know what. I did medical transcription forfive years for a GYN. A TP dingleberry is the least of bizzaro stories. One word I remember typing frequently was "malodorous". Sometimes, I still hear it in my sleep.



Hunny said...

LOL!! Sorry I have a very weird sense of humor! That story was too funny! And you using malodorous! Funny stuff!!

Rebecca said...

even the second time 'round - FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY!!!
come back next monday for our next "musing" :)
(maybe the next question won't be so personal)

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