Sunday, February 27, 2005

More Elenaisms............

Yesterday, we were watching the movie version of 101 Dalmations with Glenn Close. Anyway, there is a scene with the puppies in the barn licking milk from the cow udders. Anyway, we have watched this 101 times and never was anything said. Yesterday, Elena blurted out "How disgusting, they're licking cow gutters"

She also announced, on the top of her lungs, at AC Moore that "You have enough yarn mommy, get me out of here now!!". Poor kiddo, between the mail order yarn and the stores, she's had it. I decided to try and shop without her next time.

On to the weather, I wish they could figure out this Nor-Easter a little better, but anyway 4"-8" snow today. I hope it's just rain, but I seriously doubt it. They were already posting school closings last night, before it even snowed. It looks like Elena will probably be home today--oh well (she has afternoon session Pre-K). C'mon March!!!!!


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