Friday, February 11, 2005

More contemplations from a 5 year old

My daughter asks me a lot of interesting questions, some of which I actually have to look up the answers on the internet.

Some of the questions she has asked me I cannot answer or will not:

1) Before she was a baby in my tummy, what was she? Was she in something that had wheels?

2) Why do I (mommy) shave my legs? Daddy doesn't have to shave his legs and they are very hairy. She has informed me she will never shave her legs, too dangerous.

3) Why is the color of her skin called white when it's not white. It's more tan. In crayons it's flesh, why is that?

4) What if she doesn't find someone to marry. Will I pick out her husband (I'm saving this one to show her later)

5) Why can't two girls get married? Why can't two boys get married?

6) How old do you have to be to die?

7) Why didn't we visit George Washington before he died? Now, I'll (Elena)never get to meet him.

8) Why is your belly button (mommy's) so much bigger (deeper) than mine?

9) Someday, I hope to have huge boobs like yours (B cup??? Huge???)

10) Am I sure I brought home the right baby? (her) It's too late to find out now, but I was just wondering (very weird)

11) When you cook a chicken, is that how you kill it? It's alive when you put it in the oven, right?

12) Are you falling in love with me??

I love my daughter with all my heart, she's so awesome and too intelligent for her own good. I'm am so afraid of the pre-teen and teen years~!



Nathania said...

Those are some precocious questions. What a darling.

Hunny said...

WOW those questions are too funny!!

Trish said...

Please keep sharing stories of your daughter. I love children so much and don't have any around to help break up the day. Children make life lighter with their minds. It's a breath of fresh air to read about her. I cant' wait to have children of my own :) Yes, i kow it's hard work but admit it, it's awesome!!!

Heather said...

How sweet and wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing. I love to read what interesting things your daughter has to say.

Ro said...

oh my goodness, your daughter is so darling! What an incredible mind!

I especially liked this one:
1) Before she was a baby in my tummy, what was she? Was she in something that had wheels?

That's such a fascinating question!

My little girl up and told me one day when she was three that she picked my tummy to grow in before she was born. I said oh, why me? And she said "Cause I knew you were gonna be the most best mumma for me."

Kids can leave you speechless, can't they? I am going to have to stop back by for sure to read what else your little one has to say! Five is such an adorable age. They're like kittens...everything is so exciting and new.


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