Monday, February 07, 2005

Monday Musings

My posts on Monday are usually a compilation of my weekend, which is usually eventless, but yet somehow I can find something to write about.

1) My hens came back home. After being gone for two weeks, they were at my kitchen door this AM, looking skinnier, but basically the same. My husband thought he heard them on Saturday and went as fat as getting food out for them and clucking on the ground. Now, he really could care less about the birds, but since I care, he cares. He's so romantic.

2) The Eagles lost the Super Bowl. Of course, we Philadelphians are used to this and as disappointed as I am, it was expected. The teams strong, so there's always next year.

3) 1 1/2 scarves done for teachers's something

4) 3 RAOk packages sent out!

5) My daughter has informed me, she's learned enough at school and is done. Now, she's in Pre-K and just turned 5, so I had to break the disappointing news that she would be in school for at least another 16 years. She was bummed. She asked how long she had to go to school to be a doctor (that's what she wants to be this week), when I told her she thought for about say, two seconds, and then asked how long she had to go to school to be a Princess. When I informed her you had to have a king and a queen for parents or marry a prince, she thought again for, oh about 5 seconds, and asked if her father was a prince. When I told her "no", she then started in on me about "how in the world can I meet a prince, you have to look for me". Obviously, tight now, the princess thing is more tempting than the doctor thing.

6) My husband came home with a new (used) car on Friday. He's always had a thing for German cars and when he was told, nicely, no BMW's (we had one, no mechanic in the area, super expensive to maintain and the tires alone were special order) (Take note here 3-Olive), he found a Mercedes S series he "had to have". It's a nice car, but now we have three and frankly, I think that's plenty.

7) I ordered more of that Valentine's tea from Adagio. I don't know why I love it so much, I usually hate flavored teas, but this one tastes so damn good.....

Gotta run, it's the usual Monday...............


ThreeOliveMartini said...

hehe... i wanna be a princess too so keep a look out for a prince for me too ok ? .. and its really not a BMW its a Mini Cooper .. I have to go thru the BMW dealer for every thing i need for it ..

The Shrone said...

Pooky is a big Eagles fan (he's from the Stroudsburg and Lehighton areas of PA) and ever since we met four years ago, I've been along for the ride of the Eagles getting to the Super Bowl.

Though the Eagles started to play very weirdly in the 4th quarter, I admire how well they played the first half. All around they showed that they are Super Bowl material. There is always next season!

And as for your daughter...if her wish to become a princess lasts a little longer than normal, you could tempt her with the story of Grace Kelly. However, that's probably not a great idea. It just occurred to me that Grace Kelly died in a car accident and so did Princess Di! OK, scrap the princess idea.

Anonymous said...

Hi from your Shawl/poncho swap pal!! I am going to keep this secret for a little while, but wanted to let you know that I am working on your_______!!

Have a wonderful day.

Swap Pal

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