Tuesday, February 15, 2005

If you note the time..................

If you note the time this post was done, everything will fall into place. It's freaking 4:15 AM and my daughter is in the living room playing with her "My Little Ponies" and watching a video. More on this later in the post.

Her Valentine's Party was yesterday. First of all, Sunday night she didn't seem herself, a bit skittish and just not right. Anyway, she's seemed this way for about 5 days and in my heart I knew it was coming.

She woke up Monday AM with red, watery eyes and a slight runny nose. We had baked cupcakes for the "big day" Sunday night and had to frost and decorate them before school. Anyway, it was a cold and rainy morning, blah! We decorated the cupcakes and packaged them up for me to bring to school to the party at 1:15. She caught the bus and I did a few things around here til 1:00 and left for the school. Well, I get to the school at 1:12 and her teacher opens the door (It's just the Pre-K section) and tells me how early I am. They are still doing lessons and the party is not for 40 more minutes. I drop off the cupcakes, plates, napkins, cups and teacher's gifts, kiss Elena and head home.

I meet the bus and the teachers aide tells me the kids had a great party and loved the cupcakes. Before she is even finished, Elena bounds off the bus excitedly telling me "Henry frew up all over his backpack on the bus from the frosting". Now I am feeling ill.

We get in the house, she looks pale and drained. I check her temp, yup slight temp. Within an hour she's grabbing her ear and crying she has pain in her ear. Now, she never cries, so I know it's bad. I call the doctor (it's 3:30 PM) and they are gone for the day. The service tells me the doctor on call (who she doesn't even know) will call soon. Almost two hours pass and I am pissed. She finally calls and I tell her what is wrong, ask her to call in meds and I will see Elena's doc in the AM. She tells me no, she's never seen Elena, take her to the ER. No WTF is that? Why are you on call if you can't help? If I wanted to drag my daughter to the ER, I would have freaking gone two hours before. To make this long story short, my daughter slept a total of 2 hours tonight, is uncomfortable and her nose is completely stuffed up. This also means I slept less than 2 hours tonight and should be a bear tomorrow.

Kids have been sick all week in her class and I knew it was only a matter of time. However, she had an eye appointment I made two months ago tomorrow (which I'll have to cancel) and tons of other stuff scheduled for this week. Isn't it always the way..........

Hope your night was better



ThreeOliveMartini said...

hope Elena feels better soon !! cause i know its gonna be bad on you if she doesnt...

i think parents that send their kids to school sick are totally irresponsible..

Ro said...

Ohhh, Deneen :( I hope that Elena feels much better today! I hate dealing with doctors...I can't believe they told you to take her to the ER, can you imagine how expensive that would've been, for an earache? Especially since most people's insurance (ours included) only pay for ER if it's an accident or life threatening emergency. She had to be kidding!

Another thing we have in common; our daughters love of My Little Ponies! mine has a SLEW of them, they are everywhere, and they are her obsession. I have learned to loathe Hasbro for making so many variations of the same ponies. We now have a rule, no repeats of same ponies I don't care if it does come with a blue brush and the other one came with a purple brush...

Here's an old family trick in case she ever has another earache in the middle of the night and you can't get to a doctor, it always works for us. Take one of Elena's thin cotton dress socks, and fill it up with table salt and tie a knot in the end to close it. Wrap it up in tin foil and put the oven or toaster oven on the lowest setting, then put the wrapped sock on a cookie sheet. Warm it for a couple minutes until it is warm to the touch but not too hot to put against your face.

Have her lay on the warm salt filled sock on the side of the earache, I swear, it always helps to make the pain decrease. Something about the salt drying out the moisture in the ear, and the warmth combined. It won't cure an ear infection of course but it can help get you through a rough night! You just have to be sure you don't leave the sock in the oven too long, wouldn't want it to catch on fire! If it gets too hot to touch, just let it cool on the counter a few minutes before trying it out. (I always test it on my own ear first)

Hope that you can get some rest soon...there is nothing worse than being up with a sick kid and the day after!


Uncle Norman said...

Elena, get well soon and take care of mommy for me. Love, Uncle Norm

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