Thursday, February 03, 2005

How can I not LOVE chocolate?????

Welllll, as a child, I hated milk chocolate. No chocolate milk for me, white or strawberry for me. For Easter, the poor bunny had to get me white chocolate, jelly beans and peeps and that was it. As a teenager, I still hated chocolate and, of course, only weighed about 98 lbs then. As I got older and PMS grew worse, I started liking it. I still do not like chocolate ice cream, but have been known to down a slice of chocolate cake. Of course, I weigh a lot more now and somehow, I feel there's a connection there (LOL).

I still prefer white chocolate, all the kids candies (gummie bears, peeps, sour patch kids, etc), but can enjoy a milk chocolate bar now and then. I also have been known to knock back a few Yoo-Hoos in my day. Although I can go many months and not eat chocolate. When I first was put on the Prednisone at high doses, I found myself gorging on chocolate til I literally made myself sick. The doc claimed it did something to my sugar, thank goodness that's under control now.

It's funny because my daughter is exactly the same way. She tells me "she does not prefer chocolate" (such grown up talk for a 5 year old). She has tried white and milk chocolate and hates them. She's not a kid who likes sweets really at all. Occasional marshmallow, cupcake without frosting, very simple plain stuff. No chocolate milk or strawberry milk, white only. Very particular about her food and not a big juice drinker, water and milk. I know, I know, I'm lucky she's that way, but it makes baking and surprises with treats rather boring. Easter here looks more like Christmas cause the Easter Bunny brings some jelly beans (which she likes) and some toys in a basket.

And yes, I still have Halloween candy left!



DAWN said...

I am utterly shocked at your lack of taste for chocolate...having said that, feel free to send any chocolate that you recieve to moi. On the down side of chocolate, I passed down my love of the dark stuff to all three of my boys and my oldest could litteraly live off it for days. Blessed we are that he has the best teeth in the family!

ThreeOliveMartini said...

well i am not a huge fan of milk or white chocolate.. but break out that dark bittersweet stuff .. that is so delicious.. and I will make a total pig of myself... i used to trade my sisters for their special dark bars.. yummm

Marvie said...

Well your kid is not totally alone. B does like chocolate, but he prefers his cake/cupcakes without icing too. We also still have Halloween candy left (and he really didn't get all that much) and Easter is about the same in our house... though I probably caused it lol. I never wanted him eating much candy so I always filled his basket with toys, cars, whatever little stuff I could find instead of a ton of candy. He always gets some, but it will last till Halloween lol.

Me on the other hand... if it's chocolate, I'll eat/drink it *g* I love me some dark chocolate, M&M's and Reeses are great PMS foods for me lol... chocolate cake, ice cream... it all goes (yeah yeah, to my hips lol) Hubby even knows when to stock up on the chocolate, he bough me a bag of M&M's and a bag of reeses night before last... he's always been in tune with my cycle and prepares for it ;) Denying me choc. when I have PMS could be a painful experience rofl.

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