Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. My daughter is very excited about Valentine's Day today because 1) She received a scratch and sniff Valentine's Card with $2 in it!! 2) She received a Tinkerbell Doll she has been coveting for the past few months 3) She signed her own cards this year 4) School Valentine's Party.

We baked cupcakes last night and will frost them this morning and decorate them. She has all her cards finished (she filled them out herself, to and from names), she has her gifts for her teachers.

She's not really a party gal and I think she's torn about today. She loves the whole idea of a holiday about love, but a party, not so sure. She's been coming down with something for the past week, I can tell by the way she's acting. There have been so many absences in her class it was inevitable. I just hope it comes and goes quickly! We have en eye doctor appointment for her tomorrow, one for my mother Wednesday, parent teacher conferences Thursday night and we are going to visit my hubby's family in Massachusetts over the weekend, so I'm sure she'll be sick!!

For Valentine's day this year, I made my husband a scarf from Oxford Gray Wool-Ease. He seemed to like it a lot. He also received the first two seasons of "Ren and Stimpy". Don't ask.......he loves that show.

My poor husband spent all morning yesterday searching every store that sold CD's for a jazz CD "Rick Braun/Boney James-Shake it Up" for my Valentine's. No one had it, so he ordered it on-line yesterday. I have wanted this since I saw a Dave Koz and Friends concert months ago and Rick Braun performed. I have now become a jazz fan. Anyway, it should be in soon and I am so psyched.

I didn't do much crocheting over the weekend. I did make a scarf for myself using the yummy Italian yarn my secret pal sent me, along with some faux mohair Sutty sent me some time ago. It came out pretty cool and I'll post pics later. I made the matching hat for it, but the hat style doesn't look right with my curly hair. I'll find a good home for it.

I have such a week planned, I hate to start any big projects, but hate to be without one.

Anyway, love your family and friends today!!!



Ro said...

Happy Valentines Day! :) I laughed to read this:
"He also received the first two seasons of "Ren and Stimpy". Don't ask.......he loves that show. " My husband is that way about Greg the Bunny and the Simpsons LOL. I got him the Best of Jimmy Fallon dvd (SNL) for Valentines day. Sounds like both our guys have quite the sense of humor!

Sorry to hear your little one is coming down with the latest bug...seems like everyone is getting something and I just know my days are numbered lol. I hope that she can shake it off quick, it never fails, the busier your week is supposed to be, the more likely that is when your kid will catch something.

She sounds adorable with her Tinkerbell doll...Jasmine is my kids princess of choice, if it has Jasmine on it, no matter what it is, it's "the coolest".


Amanda said...

Just wanted to answer your question...I got out my receipt to give you the exact price of the Patons Merino I bought. Apparently, the "sale" was only on certain colors..anyhoo, the cheapest was $3.74. I'm going to call them though because they were all in the same bin marked with the cheapest price. Something smells fishy here...thanks for asking or I may not have noticed this!! Take care and have a very Happy Valentine's Day!!

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