Friday, February 18, 2005

Good Morning everyone!! Finally had an okay nights sleep last night, so things are looking up!

I saw on Crochetville the CGOA is sponsoring classes and a Fiber Arts Marketplace in Valley Forge on 3/31-4/03. I am so excited because I think I'm going to go to the Marketplace and do a bit of shopping for some new yarns, etc. Should be fun!! I've 99% talked my husband into going with me. He could have fun too ya know!!

Also, on the crochet front, we had parent-teacher conferences last night with Elena's teacher. Of course, as I figured, she is doing fabulously and loving school. Anyway, I made her teacher a scarf for Valentine's Day out of Allure yarn. She asked me to make one in green tones for her to buy. So that's pretty cool, I made a sale out of it---I'm happy. Plus, what a great excuse to go yarn shopping this week because I don't have that color!!!!

There's a three day weekend coming up (of course, with Elena being sick all week, we had a 7 day weekend, but who's counting) so I'm sure Tuesday will roll around with me giving a big cheer!

Hope everyone has a great one!!!


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Hunny said...

I believe that haloscan did all the work for me I just filled out the info that they asked for. You will have to check out their website to find out. That thing is cool from Adagio Tea!!

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