Wednesday, February 23, 2005

February Blues

Last night, as I was soaking in my bathtub....... Yes, I know, some of you feel the baths are like sitting in your own filth and would rather wash in the toilet, but I love it (soaking in the tub, not washing in the toilet). Of course, I haven't had a peaceful bath in over five years. For some reason, my daughter and husband think it's okay to come in and go to the bathroom while I'm in the tub. I do have two bathrooms, but they feel the one I'm in is the one they must go in. My daughter also comes in to report that her father is not being real good about 1) playing with her; 2) getting her a drink in the allotted 60 seconds she gives you to get one; 3) putting on one of her shows or all of the above. She feels he needs a talking to and should get a time out and happily reports to him after she's told me. Back before Elena and before my husband, I had two cats. I lived in a small condo and the litterbox was in the bathroom. For some unknown reason, it never failed, I would slink into the tub for a soak and one of the cats would come in to take one of their stinky poops just as I got comfy, so you would think I would be used to the interruptions.

Anyway, back to my bath. I was soaking and thinking about how down everyone seems this month. I've been reading about it on blogs, getting e-mails and talking to people on the phone who all have the blues. It has to be February. February is after the holidays (although you wouldn't realize that if you were in my family room, our ceramic Christmas Tree is still up. It's been in my family since right after I was born, so some (Amanda) may consider it an antique and other savvy readers and perusers on eBay may call it "vintage")) I cannot find a box big enough to store it and my hh threw out the box it was in, so we're at an impasse.

Back to the blues, it's still winter time, too cold to really do any outdoors activities unless you're into skiing. You could be in SoCal where the weather is usually great, but they've been having shittier than shit weather there too. Anyway, there's also Valentine's Day, which depresses the hell out of most people, single or married. So here you are, stuck in a shitty ass month waiting for it to finally be over. Well, there's only 4 more days (no leap year this year) and we'll be in March........not a magical cure, but better than February.

Oh, the further icing on the February cake is that we're supposed to get 8" of snow today! This month cannot be over fast enough.



Kari said...

That's so totally it! I have had a couple hard birthdays to deal with this month too. Plus no football, very little racing, bad weather, nothing good on tv, heck it all adds up! lol
I have the same trouble with taking a bath too, never get to take a quiet noninterupted bath!

Michelle said...

You simply must get the picture book Five Minutes Peace by Jill Murphy. It is life with kids. Check it out on Amazon!

Trish said...

Yep, I think you've got it. it has been a crappy month for so many people. The snow just won't stop. We are getting ocean effect all day long and will get a foot over night, UGH.

As far as a bath goes, I miss taking baths. Our bathtub is too small :( Barely covers my legs!!!

enjoy a bath for me, get a lock on your bathroom door..hehehe

The Shrone said...

I'm the odd woman out on this. February has been an exceptionally warm and sunny month here in the usual Pacific North-wet. Our weather has been swapped with California's, so we're getting their sun and they are getting our rain. I couldn't be happier! Sure, the mornings are frosty, but we heat up by noon and it's smelling like spring! Some of the early blooming trees are blossoming, little purple crocuses have flowered...If anyone needs a boost of spring to chase away the blues, I've got plenty!

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