Saturday, February 19, 2005


If you are wondering where all the comments went that have been left, they have disappeared into cyberdom. I switched to Haloscan yesterday for comments and they wiped out all my previous comments. I switched cause I can trackback and answer any question you may have had without having to post a new answer on the blog, etc. You don't have to be a member, just pops up and takes your comment.

If you noticed a few changes in buttons on the blog. I've joined the Little Blankies CAL. This seems to inspire Ro and she inspired me, so there you go. I'm half finished my first blankie as I type.

I also signed up for 63 Squares CAL. I have the leaflet and now to get the yarn and I shall get started.

I think these two will help me when I have the crocheting blahs. Small squares or one big one.
I'm excited about both.

In other news not much going on, I will go yarn shopping either today or tomorrow. I actually have a paid job, so a shopping I must go. Besides, I just needed to go anyway. I hope to go to the Fiber Arts Marketplace outside Philly next month, but if I don't have the cash, I'm not going. I'm not a window shopper. It's all or nothing with me.


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