Sunday, February 27, 2005

Boredom and yarn that talks to you!

I was bored today and whipped up a camera bag for my new digital camera and two cell phone cozies (only one shown). I bought this 1/2 lb bag of buttons at AC Moore for $4.00 and picked through, got all the cool buttons out and gave the rest to my dd to do crafts with. What great buttons I found!!! Anyway, I used the bone look one for the bag and rhinestone one for the cozy. I also used Lion Boucle in Parfait. Someone picked this up at Hobby Lobby for me (alas, I have none near me) for $2.88 a skein, compared to $5.00 here. If anyone sees any of this cheap again, please pick it up for me and I will pay you--I don't care what color. It was so fun to just wing it and play around with the crocheting again.

February will not go out without a fight--snow and rain with high winds for tomorrow. Let's just home there's school for the little one tomorrow or I may need a straight jacket!!


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