Saturday, February 05, 2005

Blah, blah, blah, blah

I went tot he rheumatology specialist in Philly yesterday and, of course, he told me what I had already suspected, which is why I felt compelled to see him anyway. I started on Humira a month ago that a local doctor gave me. Now, where I live, the doctors are just okay, if you want a good doctor, you go to Philadelphia (over the bridge). The local doc gave me the Rx and when it was filled, it came with this long list of contraindications, one of which was LUPUS patients DO NOT USE. I called him immediately and he said, it's fine, trust me. Well I guess I didn't cause I called Philly and made the appointment with the rheumy I've had there for ten years. Anyway, the doc in Philly told me to stop immediately and if I continued using it, he would release me from his care on the basis of malpractice. He said I would feel better for a few months, it would build up in my system and cause a major flare up. He had one patient who continued on it even though he suggested not to and within three months, he had kidney failure and passed away. He also felt if the doc in Jersey had read through my medical records and seen my history, there is NO WAY he would have put me on it.

Now, he really didn't have to tell me twice. I'm a pretty informed patient and I already suspected something hinky, so now I feel better cause my vibes were on the money. The last thing I need is a flare up and ending up in the hospital again. Death isn't a very good thing either.

He did start the major tapering of the Prednisone, which I am happy about since he said once I get down to a low enough dosage, the weight loss would start. I could starve myself and not lose a pound now. It's very frustrating for me. This is the first year in three I haven't gotten really sick (knock on wood) and I guess he's doing something right with this regimen. I do have to get a Dexascan for bone loss though in case the Prednisone has caused a problem. I'm not good about the calcium supplements cause they kill my stomach, but if the scan is good, then I did okay by eating calcium rich foods. Fingers crossed there.

So I came home happy and informed, which is all I really wanted anyway.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl, Philadelphia Eagles versus the NE Patriots. Now, my husband is from NE and is a huge Pats fan. His whole family is, even his brother got married at one of the games. Anyway, I'm not a football fan, but the Eagles fever is contagious. Yesterday in Philly, everyone, including my doc, had an Eagles shirt on. My 5 year old is cheering for the Eagles too!. I caught her singing the "Eagles Road to Victory" song yesterday. My brother, who went to China last week is a fervent fan and called my from his layover in Chicago to ask me to tape the game. He can see it in China, but since there's a 12 hour time different, 6:00 AM football isn't the same. Besides, Philly fans have been waiting 24 years for this, so I guess to have it on tape is a good thing.

Philly fans are the best and the worst. When they built the new stadium, they put a jail in it for rowdy fans. Philly fans are passionate to a fault. If they're pissed, they're pissed and that's it. They drink, they scream and they fight. I think that's why I am so outspoken and obnoxious, you can take the girl out of Philly, but you can't take Philly out of the girl.

So, GO EAGLES!!!!!!! Please win, I can't stand to see another disappointment for the fans and don't want to hear it from my husband for the next year. Besides, I hate seeing my baby brother cry!



DAWN said...

I am thrilled that your doctor visit went so well. I hope you continue to improve!! I'm with you on this superbowl thing--

Trish said...

I'm glad your dr's appt went well. I'd stick with him and forget seeing the other doctors.

As far as the Super Bowl goes, well, I'm with your husband!!!! GO PATS :) Should be a GREAT game.

Pridemom said...

Stick with your Rheumy! Dh found a great Rheumy in Kansas City, an hour and half to drive but worth it when needed! Hope you're doing better soon.

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